Welcome to Ouroboros Lite

It is the little things in life which make us what we are.

Those tiny experiences which crease and stain and ravel the cloth of our

I chose this basket-weave Ouroboros icon for my father, a weaver of high order.

This is a site with a simple philosophy:

Throw it out there, but be nice about it. I have a tendency towards rants, but no stomach for the flame war which follows. Maybe that makes me a coward, I like to think it makes me prudent. All these ideas come floating by but I never really manage to capture them, therefore the basket which goes around and through itself will become a repository, sieve, net. Posts may be infrequent, maybe more frequent, depending on the weather and are not limited to any subject in particular.

For my mother, who loves the weather, a weather station log and collection of web-cams from the ranch. It’s also a pretty good way of checking out what’s happening at home.

O.L. is produced with as much open source software as practical, WordPress, Gimp, Cyberduck, MySQL, OpenOffice.org, O.L. also makes use of as much re-usable technology (mostly obsolete) as is practical.


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